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Ophion VEGA (low angle)


Two mysterious and beautiful stars in the night sky inspire me to explore the unknown and boldly go where no man has gone before...
Well in my case "unfortunately not warp drive" it inspired me to explore new lighter and durable materials with a goal to bring to the paddling world a brand new line of paddles.
So today we represent you our high line of ultralight touring paddles. VEGA - model for low angle paddle style. This is superlight carbon fiber foam core based paddles with edge protection made from UHMWP cord fiber.


VEGA is superior, longlife, confortable, high preeformance touring paddles!
So if you want To face the future with another, who means more than any other, call for VEGA!!


When you paddle focused on the environment and enjoying your day in nature,or you are on a day or longer expedition, a low angle style of paddling is a paddling style of your choice. The Ophion Gendaj 160 is a low angle touring paddle. It is designed to deliver the ultimate paddle performance and the best weight to strength ratio available.

The paddle is perfectly balanced and shaped for maximum efficient long distance efordles paddling.

Blade surface area: 620 cm2

Paddle weight: cc. 650g + 80g Split system ( for 220cm paddle length)

Split system weight: cc. 80gSplit system allows the paddle to break down in half. It is adjustable in length of 10cm and blade off set to any degree. When you choose your paddle with a split system, you select a minimum length of your choice.

Example paddle 200 cm long with the split system will be extendable for extra 10 cm (200/210cm).

VEGA (low angle), carbon blade, carbon straight shaft

  • Weight 650 g
    Blade surface area 620 cm2
    Model VEGA
    Blade construciont CARBON
    Shaft construcion CARBON
    Shaft model STRAIGHT