The Ophion Katana belongs to the range of Ophion’s whitewater paddles. It is designed to be dynamic and powerful, while maintaining stability and precision. The Katana blade was designed from scratch up and  has been made to be smooth with a traditional stroke. We are using the latest  composite materials in a unique design.

What’s best about the Ophion Katana? Most customers highlight the durability and the craftmanship of the Katana.

Why is it called Katana Trickstar? This version of the Ophion Katana was designed to make your freestyle tricks even more rad! Our freestyle team worked hard to serve you this perfectly balanced and amazingly aggressive paddle blade. So go out there and become a trickstar with the Ophion Katana Trickstar.

Paddle weight: cc. 900g/200cm

Blade surface area: 700 cm2

Power grip

Does your hand slip on your paddle shaft? You have tried it all, but you still didn't find the perfect thing for grip? Do you need a perfect grip forever? Here it is! POWER GRIP It is a part of the shaft (on hand control side), which is coated with special textured coat, that provides you with the ultimate grip surface. Your hand will never ever lose a grip on your shaft again!

KATANA TRICKSTAR PADDLE, carbon blade, carbon straight shaft

  • Weight 0.9000
    Blade surface area 700
    Blade construciont CARBON
    Shaft construcion CARBON
    Shaft model STRAIGHT