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Bubugo Banana Kayak School and Sašo Špacapan are organising this fundraiser. To donate please go to:


We are crowdfunding for a charity kayak school located next to White Nile river in Bubugo village, Uganda East Africa. The school gives opportunity to thirty local kids to learn how to kayak. This is how local kids can spend quality after school time doing sports. With knowledge and skills they are more likely to get jobs in rafting white water industry, become sportsman and start competing freestyle kayaking or maybe start their own business one day. We are looking for support to make it possible to run the project for the next two years.

MORE ABOUT THE PROJECT Bubugo Banana Kayak School (BBKS) is a charity kayak school located on the river bank of the mighty White Nile river, next to the famous Super Hole in rural Bubugo village, Uganda East Africa. The river and climate are offering world class conditions for freestyle kayaking in Bubugo village. While the local community does not offer much in the way of after school activities where kids could spend quality time-BBKS is an alternative. There are plenty of people from all over the world coming for kayaking and rafting to this white water paradise. Local kids without equipment which is incredibly expensive (local families have income of 1-2 USD per day) were just dreaming about dancing in their kayaks on the river.

Coach Bosco training with kids on White Nile river (photo; Saso Spacapan)

With a charity kayak school we changed that! Kids of Bubugo village deserve a kayak school as much as anywhere else, especially when they live so close to such excellent river conditions. The kayak school has been successfully operating for the past two years and providing an opportunity to thirty local kids to learn how to kayak. Kids are able to join trainings 4-6 times per week under the supervision of coach Kawereiku Bosco who teaches kids kayaking and provides safety on the river. We rent a place within a village where we can store all our gear (6 kayaks, paddles, spraydecks, life jackets, first aid..). Bosco organises events as Rolex Race, football matches, takes care of our social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook).The BBKS project is registered as a Limited Guaranteed Organisation in Uganda. For more photos and other multimedia check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts link here:

Since the beginning we have accomplished a lot together with kids. Most of them learned how to do the eskimo roll and are capable enough to do a few freestyle tricks in local Superhole.

What we are really proud of is that three of the students got jobs with Rafting company in Jinja town which is approximately 30 km away. This is a direct result of training and support from BBKS and is an achievement we are very proud of.

FINANCIAL PART From the beginning, our project was supported by private pockets and big brands who donated kayaking gear for the project. Later on we were able to fundrise some money from several kayaking events in Europe. More recently, we received some donations while presenting our documentary movie on different events. This is how we survived until now! We have proved to ourselves and the world that Banana Kayak School can successfully operate and be life changing for kids living in poverty. With your help, our goal is to gather money to run and develop the kayak school over the next two years. With your support through the GoFundMe platform you will help us with our ambitious goals such as; the involvement of local girls, hiring and transportation for another coach from a nearby town to teach advanced freestyle techniques, getting more kids in the school, organizing other events such as Rolex Race, encouraging students to get jobs in a white water industry or start a business on the river themselves. In the future we hope to gain support from larger organizations that would help us to continue the project. Donated money we will use as shown below in a cake graph.

If we are going to exceed our goal we will use funds to maintain and buy more kayaking gear.

We try to keep the project in the hands of locals as much as possible and helping them to improve and learn new skills. This way BBKS can learn something new everyday, and the project has a better chance of surviving long term, bringing joy and community spirit to the people of Bubugo.

WALL OF FAME As we do not have a merchandise or other gifts all donors names will be honorably painted on a “WALL OF FAME” in Bubugo village. KAYAKERS FOR KAYAKERS While this kayak school is in Africa an enthusiastic support team which is helping to run the project from all around the world. We are many individuals somehow all connected with kayaking. We are supporting kids and helping Bosco to run the project in many different ways (donations, printing t-shirts, exhibitions, presentations, equipment, transportation, etc). We are here, life is good, follow us!

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