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Marina paddle is a very special and diverse paddle.Light but resistant blades are assembled with strong fiberglass or carbon shaft , she performs its best as a flat water paddle or kayak fishing paddle, but she can as well handle river rapids up to level2.
MARINA is made from many materials used in Aviatic, F1 racing and space industry, combined together in perfect combination for a blade with great added value!Because of all those material, we call this blade a hybrid construction.
Base MARINA blade is made of Airex foam core, used in race cockpits and race boats. The edge of the foam is protected with durable dynel cord which is famous for bomb strength, impact and wear resistance. The central rib is reinforced with a diagonal braided Carbon, which stabilize the twisting of the blade and ensure a stabile stroke. Outer layer are made from fine Fiberglass to provide a good flex balance to a blade.
The MARINA blade feels great from the first stroke. It has a floating feeling as it is a core paddle, with a medium stiffness,. The shape is perfect balanced to provide a smooth  stroke.for high and low angle paddlers With a surface area of 688 cm2 it is just right to fit the majority of paddlers. Made for flat water, mild rapids and kayak fishing.
Blade surface area available: 688 cm2

Paddle weight: cc. 880g/210cm

Split system weight: cc. 65g

Split system allowes paddle to breake down on half. It is adjustable in lenght of 10cm and blade off set on any degree. When you chose your paddle with split system, you select a minimum lenght of your choice.

Paddle with split  is available up to 240/250cm

MARINA PADDLE, hybrid blade, glass straight shaft

  • Weight 0.880
    Blade surface area 688
    Model MARINA
    Blade construciont HYBRID
    Shaft construcion GLASS
    Shaft model STRAIGHT