Ophion HIGH ANGLE Gendaj180

For the performance based paddler, searching of master technique! The Ophion Gendaj is a high angle touring paddle. It is designed to deliver the ultimate paddle performance, and the best weight to strength ratio available.

The paddle is perfectly balanced and shaped for powerful efficient strokes. For maximum efficient and dynamic strokes.

Blade surface area: 680 cm2

Paddle weight: cc. 700g + 100g Split system

Split system weight: cc. 65g

Split system allowes paddle to breake down on half. It is adjustable in lenght of 10cm and blade off set on any degree. When you chose your paddle with split system, you select a minimum lenght of your choice.

Example paddle 200 cm long with the split system will be extandable for extra 10 cm (200/210cm).

For paddles with no split system, we send fully assambled till 200cm.

Paddles with no split system above 200cm we send not assambled. Customer needs to be able to assamble the paddle using two component glue.

Glue is not added to the package.

Power grip

Does your hand slip on your paddle shaft? You have tried it all, but you still didn't find the perfect thing for grip? Do you need a perfect grip forever? Here it is! POWER GRIP It is a part of the shaft (on hand control side), which is coated with special textured coat, that provides you with the ultimate grip surface. Your hand will never ever lose a grip on your shaft again!

GENDAJ PADDLE, carbon blade carbon straight shaft - High angle Gendaj 180

  • Weight 0.700
    Blade surface area 680
    Model GENDAJ
    Blade construciont CARBON
    Shaft construcion CARBON
    Shaft model STRAIGHT