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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

We woke up and geather in Kamp Koren. As always instead of talking about esential psichological problems and fashion, we were discousing about new kayak hydrodynamics and materials as we are rocket scientists. We may have solved some world dilemas. We have come to the conclusion that this kayak is most probably red.

Helping each other on a plesent gay way we were eventualy ready to try our skills on the River. Saša was helping to search for something missing under Kevin’s skirt.

Two wise men returnig from scouting the rapids.

Again instead of talking about enviroment there is a paddle conversation. We agrees those paddles most probably look the same.

The beauty of Ophion SHURIKEN and Pyranha 9R.

Miha Brišar: For kayaking this is like Sun salutation in yoga.

Before hitting the water we needed a warmup made by Alkimist.

Nervous start. Being at the back observing the best lines.

Saša Kovačič charging down difficult class II rapids in Soča river.

Tilen’s beauty decategorizes Soča river.

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